Quick card, but doesn’t look that way!!!

This is another new Christmas card kit.  The blue one is from Impression Obsession ….Mitra designed the original in blue . I did another version in tans and browns, which we made into one of our 2017 Christmas Card Kits.  

Both use 3 shades of ink pads from Impression Obsession.  The ease comes in inking the stamp.  Starting with the lightest shade of ink pad… drag it horizontally across the top 1/3rd of the stamp.  The drag the medium tone over the middle of the stamp , overlapping the lightest shade. Then drag the darkest shade over the bottom potion of the stamp.  Use a stipple brush and “pounce” over the inks that overlap (between the shades) to blend any stark lines or edges.  

Stamp on the top layer.  In ourkit… it Usa glossy layer.  
Click here for kit information


4 thoughts on “Quick card, but doesn’t look that way!!!

  1. Hi Sarah – love the card! Thanks for sending e-mails again. I’m not on Facebook, either, so I have missed your posts.

    See you in Madison! Are you still planning on me for Sunday? I assume the other Lady – Lee? – will do Saturday as she has in the past.

    Thanks. Lori – from Iowa

  2. Yay! Thanks Sarah for putting some things on the blog again! Love all these Xmas cards you’re doing!

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